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Chesapeake Bay Studies

Published on AidPage by IDILOGIC on Jun 24, 2005

Examples of funded projects...

All projects are State and Federal cooperative efforts to implement and develop fishery stock assessment programs in Chesapeake Bay. The following are examples of funded projects in fiscal year 2002. Variability in the dynamics of forage fish abundances in Chesapeake Bay; Development and Implementation of multiple species monitoring programs; hard clam, oyster and blue crab stock assessments; Migration of adult female blue crabs to spawning grounds; Development of a dynamic mass balance model of the Chesapeake Bay ecosystem; Pathogen studies on Crassostrea ariakensis; and initiation of an inter-institutional program to study the biology and physiology of blue crab and the potential for stock enhancement in Chesapeake Bay. All projects support the education and outreach goals of the Chesapeake 2000 agreement. The following are examples of funded projects in fiscal year 2002. School Leadership in Urban Runoff Reduction; Schoolyear to Streambank: A Multi Disciplinary Stream Corridor Restoration Experience for Middle-Schoolers, Articulating the Envirnoment and Ecology Standards with Real World Experiences as they Relate to the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, the Teachers Training Institute at Hard Bargain Farm.

About this section

This section indicates the different types of projects which have been funded in the past. Only projects funded under Project Grants or Direct Payments for Specified Use should be listed here. The examples give potential applicants an idea of the types of projects that may be accepted for funding. The agency should list at least five examples of the most recently funded projects.